Supported Internship

Our Supported Internship courses are aimed at students aged 18-24. We offer 2 Supported Internship options:

  1. Horticulture Supported Internship
  2. General Supported Internship – focusing on Customer service and relevant for a wide range of job roles.

Both offer a great opportunity for young people to develop their vocational skills in a friendly environment, whilst taking their first steps into the world of employment.

  • A 1 year program that will provide Training and Education that will give you the skills and experience to find and gain paid work.
  • The ultimate goal upon completion of the one year program is that you gain paid employment with an employer.
  • The Aim of this course is to get paid employment. This can be part-time or full-time.


Whilst on program you will be supported by a Job coach in your chosen area of work. You will also be allocated a Key Worker. During your time in the classroom you will also be supported by LSA’s.

Typical week

  • 3 days on work placement
  • 1 day off 
  • Friday in the classroom 9:30 – 4pm


We offer a variety of work placements

  • Students following the Horticulture Supported Internship will begin by going out with the Internship Team, based at the Harington Gardeners, this will help build skills, and stamina and step up to a commercial pace.
  • Customer Service Supported Interns will start their placements from the beginning of term, but they may well change over the year, often stepping up a level. 

Classroom day

You will end each day completing a Placement Diary. This will be used to complete a Work Placement Journal on your classroom day, where you will share with other students, and learn from everyone's experiences.

  • You will be developing your understanding of core employability skills, communication for work and Skills for Life (including PSHE and Functional Maths).  
  • Your Key worker and Job coach will be responsible for assisting you in being successful in the workplace with as much independence as possible. You will  develop  your work portfolios to include evidence of the skills you will have gained.

Core employability skills covered

Rights and responsibilities in the workplace, Employment Law, Rights and managing disability in the workplace, My skills and qualities, CV’s, the reward for work (understanding pay), Job interview skills, appropriate work conduct, Looking for and applying for jobs, Health adjustment passport, Access to Work, Mock interviews. 

Communication at work covered 

Telephone skills, Instigating conversation, Asking for clarification and support, Constructive criticism, Body language, Interview skills, Talking about myself, Giving and receiving feedback, Conflict resolution, Communicating a concern, Mock Interviews/ Scenarios. 


We have great success at finding students employment opportunities at the end of the course. Some students move into an employed role with one of Harington’s social enterprise businesses: the Harington Gardeners or Harington Charity Shops, and others we help  find employment with a variety of external companies in a range of vocations.

Special Thanks   

We would like to offer special thanks to John Lyon’s Charity whose funding and support have enabled Harington to establish this course offer.