Skills Pathway: Retail

The Retail Pathway would be right for you if you are ready to try out working in a shop. The course will help you learn and practise the skills that retail employers are looking for such as: communication, helping customers, working safely and following instructions. If you aren’t ready for work experience the elements of the Choices pathway will help you to gain skills and confidence while you learn the basics of retail.

Skills Pathway: Retail 

Aimed at young people aged 16-24, this is a holistic programme that develops learner's employability skills as well as life skills and basic skills. It prepares learners who need additional support to enter mainstream training, further education and work. The training is funded by the Education Funding Agency.

What do we have to offer?

  • Free training for young people with learning difficulties / disabilities and other support needs.
  • An individually tailored programme. The length and content of the training is matched to individual needs and goals.
  • Full-time training Mon-Thurs, usually between 20 and 28 hours per week

Learners will have a chance to:

  • work towards City & Guilds Skills of Working Life: Retail Entry 2/3;
  • work towards LOCN Skills for Progression: Retail Skills Entry 3 and Level 1;
  • work toward English, Math and ICT qualifications inc. Functional Skills;
  • gain valuable work experience with a wide range of well known retailers
  • improve their customer care skills and confidence;
  • work towards gaining a job in the retail industry.

All programmes include:

  • Individual advice and guidance
  • Help with reading, writing and maths
  • Opportunities to develop independent living skills
  • Communication and social skills
  • Work experience is a range of settings
  • Working with computers
  • Help finding a job, further training or further education
  • Life coaching and counselling
  • Personal development
  • Support into employment / FE with follow up and aftercare support
  • An annual residential outward bound course and social events

and lots more!


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 Learners' Comments:

Sarah: “The Harington gives me the chance to get new skills. I’m pleased I’m getting better at maths. The teacher helps me to understand it. Harington has helped me to stick to things”.

Joe: It has given me confidence and ambition to aim for a full time job”.

Employer comment Waitrose Barnet: "It has been a great pleasure working with Harington providing valuable work experience for local young people"